Irene Lee-Ting Lin concerns issues about the Speech Communication and Cultural, and Public Communication in the communication technology society.

Miss Lin, currently studies in the Graduate Institute of Mass Communication at College of Communication, Fu Jen Catholic University, holds a bachelor degree in Mass Communication, Tam Kang University.

Miss Lin attended various courses such as social marketing and practice at Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights, and Welfare for “Just Change!” project. She also serves as intern for the campus newspaper Tam Kang Net Times.

Moreover, she also had her internship for a Variety Show program in Trans-World TV Production Company (Jul-2009), and was a Liberty Times trainee reporter covering local news for Taipei and Keeling regions (Aug-2010). She had wide-angle coverage on the mayoral and City Councilor elections for the five special municipalities.

In her university graduate research project, she single-handily investigates the trend and cause of commercialization of various festivals. She also serves as the chief editor and art designer for an E-Book project. (ref: http://db.tt/tWwFd1n0).

In addition, She had an internship in NETivism as a community marketing assistant (July-2013). To promote the CiviCRM, which is a community-based open source project to build constituent relationship management functionality for the nonprofit, advocacy and nongovernmental sectors, NETivism also provide the Chinese version called netiCRM. As mention above, she wrote some articles to promote netiCRM services. (ref: http://netivism.com.tw/blog/17 and https://neticrm.tw/news)

More about her portfolio, see the YouTube channel http://goo.gl/dYTW60 and the blog https://serendipitytimes.wordpress.com/



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